D RAGONOLOGY book I - SPELL BREAKER now available!

Following on from the highly acclaimed documentary films CHASING THE DRAGON parts 1 & 2, and the three seasons of DRAGONOLOGY that has aired LIVE on Conscious Consumer Network (CCN), Dragonologist Mel Ve presents the first book in the DRAGONOLOGY series..

With over a 1000 images, this book details the existence of the DRAGON in almost all known cultures across the world, as well as tracing our modern day CULTure all the way back to its origins, being the creation of humanity by DRAGON gods.

DRAGONOLOGY book I - SPELL BREAKER, takes the reader on a journey through various cultures and mythologies across the ages, to explore the reoccurring symbolism of the DRAGON, as well as decoding its symbols, which are interwoven into the very fabric of our existence through language, writings, artwork, architecture, theatre, sport, music and ritual. Discover the origins of myths, legend and fairytales, and we decipher the deception of the DRAGON, which has been hidden in plain sight.  Learn how to decode the symbolism of the DRAGON, and BREAK the SPELL of your enslavement.

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Since the beginning of civilisation, humanity has grappled with it’s origins. We have sought to understand how we got here, by seeking out the truth about our past. Mainstream historians, academics and anthropologists would have us believe that civilised man is no more than 13 000 years old. However, the time scale given to us by the historical view of mainstream academia, is a false one, and indeed, civilisation began much further back than has been officially recognised.

Avid researcher Mel Ve, has discovered the oldest and largest civilisation to yet be identified. Discover one of the greatest discoveries in our search for humanities origins, as in this documentary presentation, SECRETS OF THE KALAHARI

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The world we live in is vastly imbalanced and corrupt. Many people suffer as a result of a broken system. This beckons the question of how we have gotten to this point. The educational institutions indoctrinate children with a false history, so that they do not know the truth about where they come from, and who they really are in the greater scheme of reality. We are programmed into believing in a false version of reality, in order that we are controlled and programmed into being slaves for the draconian construct.

The DRAGONOLOGY ORIGINS presentation is a two hour educational talk by Mel Ve, which goes deep into the origins of humanity, presenting evidence of advanced civilisations existing as far back as 70 000 years before present. This presentation takes a trip through some of the major archaeological ruins to have been discovered, several of which challenged main stream academia’s official time lines with regards to anthropological development of humanity.

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F UNDRAISER - The collective works of DRAGONOLOGY has been presented in a new paradigm, multi media modality, and uses the most cutting edge technologies in FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA, to present and explore the evidence and information.

DRAGONOLOGY IS an extensive body of work that spans 20 years of research by Dragonologist Mel Ve.  All work and research is self-funded, and done at great personal risk.  Please help assist in covering research costs, as well as expediting the process of the completion of BOOK II - CULTUS. 

Mel Ve plans to return to Conscious Consumer Network with season 3 of DRAGONOLOGY in 2017, which explores never before seen research, all providing conclusive evidence to some very important factors pertaining to DRAGONOLOGY.



Natalie-Marie Hart - Mel Ve - Dragonology

CCN's Mel Ve uncovers Kalahari "desert" as land of prediluvial technology feeding 6 billion people