DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 1 | episode 13


It seems like just yesterday that I started on the two documentaries CHASING THE DRAGON, which proceeded the DRAGONOLOGY series, yet we have covered so much ground in terms of deciphering and discovery of the true nature of our reality.

As always, I would like to thank the dedicated students of DRAGONOLOGY, and for sticking it out for two whole seasons. It has indeed been a labour of love to put together these presentations, in order to make this complex realm of information, comprehensible for the people. The response to this information has indeed been overwhelming.

What has amazed me is the fascination shown by the younger generation, who have come to know many of the mythological creatures discussed in DRAGONOLOGY, through bed time stories, Disney classics and fairytales. It seems there has been endless delight in the realisation that there may be some truth to the existence of some of these mythological creatures.

I have been asked several times if there will be a SEASON III of DRAGONOLOGY, and to be honest, it is too early to say. Much depends on the acquisition of our LIVE STREAMING BROADCAST LICENCE being sorted for 2016. If we are still here then I will consider creating another season of DRAGONOLOGY.

For now, I am just very proud of this immense body of work, and I hope that all who have shared this journey, have found this information valuable.

Please remember to share this information with people you know and care about. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference in somebody’s life.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve




DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 1 | episode 12

A big thank you to all those who have taken such a keen interest in DRAGONOLOGY.  Last week we delved into the realm of ANGELS & DEMONS.  I opened with the following quote from my book, questioning what is good and what is bad:



“It is difficult to know where to begin as the boundaries of the journey are not defined. However, I will begin with my search to know and understand god. In one way or another, I guess we are all on this journey, whether we are aware of it consciously or not… For so long I had been distracted by the physical and material elements of life. I had become so empty and proliferated with garbage, that I had lost touch with what is real. Like most people, my conditioning ran deep, so it was quite a wake up call to realise that many things that I thought were real, were nothing more than deceitful and distracting illusions which had changed me into somebody I did not recognise. And thus I began to question the world around me, contemplating the fact that there must be more to life than this.

Is there a god? And if there is, where is he? How can the belief in an all-loving, all powerful god be reconciled with the reality of undeserved suffering in the world? If god is good, perhaps he is not all powerful. If god is all powerful, them perhaps he can not be wholly good”


DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 1 | episode 7

Thank you to all those who have written in to share their appreciation for DRAGONOLOGY.  I have been contacted from scholars and researchers from all over the world, who have shared their appreciation and enthusiasm for this body of work.  The reaction is beyond anything I ever expected.


Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve xx


DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 1 | episode 5

For all of those avid DRAGON LOVERS who have been following the DRAGONOLOGY series which is aired exclusively on CCN  please do tune in once again for episode five on Thursday 23 APRIL 2015, at 9pm LONDON time.

What an amazing journey this has been, and indeed, fulfilling a childhood dream of finding dragons, is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Having shared some of this journey with the world, through my series DRAGONOLOGY, I have come to explore that deeper sense of myself and the world around.  Indeed, a purpose driven path poses some amazing challenges in a very 3D world, but nevertheless, my pursuit of DRAGONOLOGY finds no limits.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to learn from the works I have created.  Please help us to realise the realise of THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DRAGONOLOGY by pledging to the project.


DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 1 | episode 4

Thank you to the many people who have written in expressing their appreciation of the DRAGONOLOGY series.  This has been the culmination of many years of searching and study of old texts, and some new ones, to put together a comprehensive course, which provides a more contextualised understanding of our history, the present state of humanity, and how to deprogram from the matrix of illusion, which is reinforced through CULTural indoctrination.

For those who missed on on the first three episodes, please take some time to catch up, and this material builds upon the last in every episode.

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