DRAGONOLOGY EXTRA SPECIAL FEATURE | Mel Ve interviews Archeologist Sheila Coulson about the oldest RITUAL and SERPENT WORSHIP site to be found | 25 January 2017 at 9pm GMT - Not to be missed, this amazing in-depth discussion between Dragonologist Mel Ve, and Associate Professor of the University of Oslo, Norway, Professor Sheila Coulson. Sheila was responsible for a team that excavated a site that been dated to be the oldest evidence of RITUAL activity and definitive evidence of SERPENT WORSHIP. In this interview, Sheila discusses the key aspects of RITUAL, and what her excavations of the Rhino Cave at Tsodilo Hills in Botswana, turned up in terms of ancient evidence of RITUAL activity. The most fascinating aspect of the discovery of these caves, is the carved serpent, underneath which an excavation took place revealing many RITUAL elements, including stone points, which had been meticulously created from stone that was taken to this cave from a great distance away, and left as votive offerings in this cave. What is the most fascinating aspect of all this, is the dates that have been suggested with regards to how long the ritual activity had been going on at that cave, and Sheila's conservative estimate was that there had been ritual activity going on in Rhino Cave for 70 000 years. Much is revealed in this interview proving that this site could have been part of a much older civilisation that existed there long before the Khoisan tribes moved into the area. Serpent worship is the oldest form of religion, from which all other religions have evolved. https://stopsouthafricangenocide.org/2016/11/serpent-worship-southern-africa/