DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 3 | episode 12

A super big thanxxx to all the amazing fans of DRAGONOLOGY who have been so patient with me, but this week we finally see the live broadcasting of the long promised episode 12 of the third season of DRAGONOLOGY.

Deciding where to put my focus for the last two episodes of DRAGONOLOGY season 3, has taken much thought and introspection.  This of course has been rather difficult amid much external turmoil which constantly usurped my energy and attention over the last few months.  Not wishing ever to create a show just for the sake of creating a show, I have always treated DRAGONOLOGY as a sacred journey of discovery, and it is something that can not be forced, rather the information reveals itself to me at the right time.

Episode 12 of DRAGONOLOGY season 3 focuses on ADORNMENT & DECORATION, from decorating a cake, to Christmas decorations, to dressing, we go deep into the heart of the modern day fashion industry, predicated upon ritual and of course with all the hidden DRAGON allegories encoded into attire.

Join me Mel Ve for DRAGONOLOGY season 3 episode 12 on Wednesday 21 June 2017 @ 7pm GMT.

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