DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 1 | episode 3

Thank you to all who have taken such a great interest in my new series, DRAGONOLOGY.  The aim with this series is to break down the information into recognizable and digestible pieces, in order to bring the detail to a much greater understanding and awareness in the public relm.

Tying all the pieces together can sometimes be rather trying, but through an exploration of our true history, by focussing on a common root being DRAGONS, which can be traced to almost every CULTure across the planet, we are able to tie together the pieces of human history that has been otherwise relegated to the realms of semi dismissive mythology.

Understanding the CONTROL MATRIX,  and how the architects of this matrix have constructed it, forms a key part of this course material.  This is most certainly not recommended for people, who are heavily invested in defending any auxiliary belief structure.  The nature of this course in DRAGONOLOGY, is to fulfil a distinct purpose of deconstructing and decoding the false reality we have been taught, through an examination of art, sculpture, architecture, literature, religion, mythology, and language.

If anybody missed out on the first two episodes, please find the links below, and catch up, because DRAGONOLOGY EPISODE THREE, is going to be very interesting, and ties together many of the themes explored in EPISODES ONE & TWO.

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