DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season3 | episode 10

In this episode of DRAGONOLOGY, we delve into the context of DUALITY, exploring all aspects pertaining the the DRAGON around the theme of LIGHT & DARK.

Those that have been following DRAGONOLOGY, will have mixed feelings about DRAGONS.  Some people perceive them and good, holy and sacred, and others perceive them as fearful and evil, and it is not hard to see why.  But always we must recognise that dualistic nature of all things, and that is that nothing can be wholly good or wholly bad, in fact, every single person incorporates both LIGHT & DARK as necessary and useful tools of their personal spiritual growth and evolutionary process.

For those wishing to catch up on my previous episodes of DRAGONOLOGY, please check out the website www.dragonology.info, where all shows are archived.

My book DRAGONOLOGY book I – SPELL BREAKER, is available in ebook formate from our website.

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