SPELL BREAKER is the first book in the DRAGONOLOGY series, and tracks the roots of our modern day CULTure, by taking the reader on a journey through history, mythology and fairytale, whilst exploring art, sculpture, architecture, literature and the real meaning of words through etymological deconstructions, to decipher the many symbols that mask the existence of the DRAGON.



Book Review of “DRAGONOLOGY Book I: SPELL BREAKER” by Mel Ve reviewed by John Blaid

“This book walks you through the connections with the dragon that can be found in entertainment, art, architecture, religion, sports, language, rituals and all kinds of myths and legends. It is a really mind blowing experience to see the connections and how our entire reality is framed around the dragon that is often hidden in plain sight but hard to see for the untrained eye and mind.

It does not only shed light on the deeper meanings behind different rituals and symbolism but also how our language and day to day life has been twisted to pay homage to the dragons where we are taught to worship them unknowingly. By reading this material one begin to understand why it’s been so hard to break free from the enslavement in which humanity is currently under.

The title “SPELL BREAKER” is really spot on considering the true meaning of this kind of knowledge.

For me, someone that has followed Mel and her previous work of DRAGONOLOGY season 1 & 2, I found this book to be very good that also had some information that previously has not been discussed in the youtube series of DRAGONOLOGY. Anyone that has the slightest interested in the occult and the deeper meaning behind symbols and our ritualistic society will find this book very illuminating.

I strongly recommend everyone to read this book and also check the previous seasons of DRAGONOLOGY at http://dragonology.info”